Why GogoVest?

GogoVest is a container of digital companies and projects. We would like to deliver products with an high tech core through this company and his own brands.



"Gogo" by the expression "à gò-go", term used to describe a financial period or business in which there is especially fast and active development.

We operate via three brands: Gogo Magazine, Gogo Editore, Gogo Ads.

We are seeking new projects and new companies to be involved.

We are a mixed team of entrepreneurs and digital professional, ready to mix our joint forces on a great project.



Gogo Magazine

It's a digital magazine focused on Entertainment news published on www.gogomagazine.it. We deliver fresh news and insights on a daily base about Music, TV Series, Gossip, Television, Videogames and Movies.

We are proud to engage in a cross-channel communication our readers, mainly 18-34 years old with a strong addiction to media entertainment.

Gogo Ads

It's a media house were we manage advertising for our internal projects, external publishers and a major network of Fan Pages and Groups on social media, strictly related to the Entertainment and Infotainment world.

We are very proud to work with big corporation to deliver interesting commercials to our network.



Gogo Editore

It's a digital newspaper and press publisher officially registered in Italy. Thanks to our newspaper we runs our media projects with great care to quality providing media coverage for major events and exclusive interviews to actors, musicians, singers and other show business figures.

contact us

You can get in touch with us:

GogoVest SRL
Via Salento, 61
VAT No.: IT14688251009

- VIA EMAIL: hello@gogovest.com
- BY PHONE: +39 06 9292 6921